There is a saying that “A patient dog eats the fattest bone”. Does it mean that we should not utilize any slight opportunity we get, that can hopefully bring success?

Patience is letting things run their natural cause. If you want to become an entrepreneur your patience will always be tested, because most times from the start of a new business, things may not move as smoothly as you may have expected or planned. That is life.

It takes serious patience and perseverance not to give up on whatever cause you’re dealing with. Always remember that, at the point when you feel like giving up, that may have been the time when your luck would have got near, but impatience can cause you to lose that golden opportunity.

Impatience destroys homes and relationships. It takes time to build a home, just like it takes time to really trust your partner; trust doesn’t come in a day. I know of many people who lost chances of being successful today, because of their impatience.

Many years ago most critics mocked Apple, because the industry faced some severe crash back then, so it made many investors to sell their shares because of fear and impatience, but just this year – the same Apple became the first highest multi-billion dollar company in the world.

Coca-cola drink which we all know sold only 25 bottles the first year, now ask yourself – how many times do you current take Coca-cola drinks per week? Not to talk of in a month or year. Everything has their own time and clock.

Don’t always be in haste to be like someone else, because that person is being successful in a business and you that are doing the same business aren’t gaining much. You may not know how long the other person may have been struggling in that business even before you’ve dreamt of starting yours.

Impatience has made many lose their faith in God. People have this mentality of “I want it now now”. They want to snap their fingers like Thanos in the Avengers movie and get what they need asap; but the reality is that it’s not how it works. Your patience and faith is always been tested by God. And that’s where the Devil creeps in to your mindset, and makes you do what you normally won’t would have want to do in a normal day, simply because you can’t wait for your time to come.

We all have our own time and clock. You may see a friend moving forward, or you may see another one lagging behind; they’re all in their own time and clock. Focus more on your vision, forget and ignore distractions of the situations of the country. Whenever doubts come to your mind, cast it out as a sin.

I was walking to the bank the other day from home to do some few transactions, while I was going I noticed the journey was far and I felt the stress and pain in my legs because of too much walking, and it was again a sunny day. Suddenly in the middle of the way, I realized I wasn’t even with my ATM card, so I had to turn back, just to go get it. I was really in pain and annoyed because of the wasted effort of moving that half journey already.

On my getting back home, I saw my earpiece and decided to take it along so I could be listening to music while going back to the bank. On my way to the bank, to my surprise, I didn’t even know how I could reach there so fast even without noticing it. Then I realized it was because I wasn’t conscious of the stress in the journey, because I was more focus on the rhythms of the songs I’ve been listening to, it made me less focused on the pains in the distance of my journey.

Wait, now you may be like how does that relates to someone having patience or being successful in life? What am I even saying? Guess what? That story is exactly how chasing your goals is like, everyday.

Do not allow the circumstances of life, the hardship of life invade your thoughts, don’t allow your human vulnerability tendencies to cloud your thoughts making you feel there’s no point having goals, maybe because the society aren’t moving as it used to.

But rather, cloud your minds and thoughts with your goals and vision, feel the rhythm of how you can get there, how it’s possible – even when it seem it isn’t. Don’t focus your minds on the difficulties of your journey to success, maintain a positive mental attitude in your hearts and mind, feel the rhythm of how it would be once you’ve finally achieved that vision.

Always think positively even in the midst of a major obstacle. Remember, if you should choose to remain conscious about your sad life, you will get stuck there and won’t succeed. But if you get up, shake it off, create a momentum – even yourself will be surprised about how far you’ve gone amidst of all the difficulties of this world.

Always remember this, be patient, take time to learn whatever skills you need to know, don’t be in haste because your colleague has already build up in that skill and has started doing great things with it. You don’t know what he/she might have passed through to get it.

But hey, let me be very clear, being patient doesn’t mean you should stay stuck with whatever position you’re in, hoping a miracle will come in your way soon. You must go all out, seeking the success you need in that business that you’re in. If you’re in school and later on vacation use that free time to do other things – use that time to learn new skills because you never can tell where your success will come from.

Just like what Tom Bilyeu said “If you sit back, trust the process, be patient. You’re still going to be waiting, while the next person wins.” Success won’t come to knock at your door; you will be the one to go all out everyday seeking it, whether you like it or not.

Like I always tell people: “Sell yourself first; and the money will follow after.” Make your choice today. Greatness doesn’t come in a day. God bless.

Alexander Vincent

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